Dumpster Rental Safety Tips

As your leading dumpster rental company in Dickinson, North Dakota, Blue Sky Dumpsters would like to offer a few tips on how to maximize your experience, by improving safety when using Blue Sky Dumpsters.

Quick and Easy Tips For Safe North Dakota Dumpster Rentals

First and foremost you should know not all materials can be thrown inside a regular dumpster – some because they damage the containers and others due to the landfill regulations we must adhere to. Here’s what you usually cannot use a roll off dumpster for: radioactive, volatile, toxic, explosive, hazardous or flammable materials; solvents, Freon, tires, batteries, propane tanks and some chemicals. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us for any questions concerning what is not accepted by the Dickinson, North Dakota landfill.

Remove Debris from the area around the dumpster – This will greatly reduce the tripping hazards around the dumpster. This tip is going to be of great help if you’re renovating a home or business and will be carrying large chunks of heavy debris from inside to the container.

Avoid ending up with cracked pavement – Make sure you’re placing your North Dakota dumpster rental on a surface that’s capable to hold that many tons. Most construction dumpsters are very heavy even when empty, so you can imagine what kind of weight it has once it’s filled to its limit;

Protection gear is always a must – Not only in Dickinson, North Dakota, but on all job sites, the bare minimum you should have and use is a pair of gloves that were specifically made for handling the type of waste you’re getting rid of and appropriate eye protection. If heavy debris is involved you should not proceed without a hard hat.

Avoid fires in your dumpster – Smoking near dumpsters is not recommended. Especially if you’re renting roll off dumpsters in North Dakota to get rid of old furniture or other objects that may burn easily. Always have a fire extinguisher nearby always helps.

Call Us Immediately If Something Goes Wrong With Your North Dakota Dumpster Rental

A great part of Blue Sky Dumpsters, the leading provider of dumpster rental in southwest North Dakota has been played by our highly professional customer support team – call now and we’ll offer our full support for a surprisingly affordable price!